Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Multi-functional Oven - Make Your Life Easier with EKA, EKF 423 M.


Searching for a high-quality oven with multifunctional features? Our company, C&N United Corporation Sdn. Bhd. has the answer for it. We as Eka Italy Distributor in Malaysia, have imported this EKF 423M - Multifunction Oven available for you. Eka, a company in Italy introduced a compact-sized oven with loads of features packed into it. 

EKF 423 M

EKF 423 M is a code that tells us, EKF (means Evolution EKA Oven) with 4 trays, 429 x 345 mm dimensions and Multifunction according to Eka website. 

Featured with forced cooling system of inner parts and inspectionable glass tilt door, this oven is a must for bakery and pastry business. 

To conserve the space in your kitchen, this item is made stackable. Elegant yet professional black-silver design enhances the surrounding visual of your kitchen and thus improves the user's mind.


EKF 423 M is protected with IPX3 standard of water protection which states that "protected against spraying water". This oven is electric-powered and using thermostat for the temperature control.


Multifunctional oven is useful for you to be able to choose the best cooking style for your each of your foods. This including conventional cooking which considered without a fan and fan cooking. 

Defrost option is also represented by the multifunctional oven similar function like microwave but not as quick as microwave. 

Besides, it makes your way of cooking easier with safe way of fan-assisted grilling and also there will require no process of moving the shelves around (you can cook two or three shelves) makes baking much faster.

The way of multifunctional type of oven cooking is considered making your life easier compared to the common type of ovens. More specifications about this oven can be found in the link below:

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